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Logility Software Update Aimed at ‘Conscious Consumers’

The scramble to unclog the global supply chain has brands pushing to execute better at every point, whether it be at the source, at the ports or at distribution centers, and one industry tech provider is taking the initiative to prep its partners for today’s realities. AI-based digital supply chain platform provider Logility has launched a new software release designed to better support corporate social responsibility and supply chain traceability goals, and has onboarded the services of a product lifecycle management (PLM) consultancy.

The Logility 21.02 release is designed to further embed transparency, sustainability and resilience into these complex chains, with the intent to foster a collaborative supply network. The solution aims to enhance corporate reputations with consistent social and environmental data that can drive ethical sourcing decisions, transparent reporting and better risk management across the supply network.

These features build on the current Logility Digital Supply Chain Platform, which helps companies sense and respond to changing market dynamics and more profitably manage their complex global organizations. The platform blends AI and advanced analytics in an effort to help brands automate planning, accelerate cycle times, increase precision, improve operating performance, break down business silos and deliver greater visibility.

Logility’s latest release unlocks deeper visibility into social compliance information across all suppliers from a company’s supply network. This helps companies to perform, review, monitor and submit corrective action plans regarding all aspects of social compliance.

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Brands also can access companies’ “environmental status” to ensure all suppliers and providers are compliant in terms of corporate responsibility practices. This means they can review total emissions by each supplier and perform root cause analysis to understand reasons behind variances that may require action via a notice or corrective action plan.

Additionally, the release includes updates to Logility’s inventory planning and optimization functionalities, enhancements to raw materials traceability, improved notification capabilities and a new-look demand forecast dashboard aimed to simplify both readability and accessibility.

“Conscious consumers value brands that go above and beyond to ensure they are operating a completely ethical and sustainable supply chain, pushing corporate responsibility to the forefront of business leaders’ minds today,” said Mark Balte, senior vice president of product innovation for Logility. “Logility empowers companies to reach their social and environmental goals, and with our 21.02 release, we have been able to increase our impact, and further amplify our customers’ missions.”

Social and environmental responsibility have long been values that the supply chain software firm aims to embody and spread across the apparel industry. Earlier this month, Michael Curtin, senior vice president of Logility, told Sourcing Journal that apparel in particular needs to make the “green supply chain” a top priority.

“Being able to measure, manage and optimize the environmental impact of bringing a product to the end consumer is going to be increasingly important to conscious consumers and brand investors looking at ESG scores,” Curtin said. “The ability to trace and manage chain of custody for materials and components is also going to be critical as much-needed scrutiny into ethical sourcing and supply chain practices heats up.”

Alongside the update, Logility unveiled a new partnership with PLM consultancy service ArcherGrey in an effort to strengthen consulting and technology solutions for its customers. ArcherGrey’s service offering spans a PLM system’s complete lifecycle, from initial strategy and planning to selection, implementation, upgrades, enhancements and finally retirement.

“ArcherGrey is well acquainted with our customer profile and understands the importance put on the business process around supply chain execution,” said Logility president Allan Dow. “They also align with both ours and our customers’ high standards when it comes to traceability, corporate responsibility and vendor management—so they are a natural fit.”

Like the new release launch, the partnership aims to support the evolving needs of customers in a rapidly changing supply chain environment. ArcherGrey consultants will assist Logility customers in solving these new challenges and enabling a longer-term competitive strategy by combining their talent with the Logility Digital Supply Chain Platform.

“Our experience in consulting with companies to better navigate today’s supply chain challenges coupled with our understanding of today’s evolving technological landscape further strengthens the value Logility brings to its customers,” said ArcherGrey CEO Jack Schroeder.

ArcherGrey has established dedicated PLM consulting practices, as well as specified practices for the PTC FlexPLM and Windchill product development platforms.