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Louis Vuitton Hosts Student Hackaton To Develop Future Supply Chain Model

Louis Vuitton called on some students to complete its supply chain challenge.

The luxury retailer hosted its second 48-hour hackathon, “Unlock Supply Chain,” in conjunction with smart business platform Anaplan and international agency BeMyApp, at Paris’s Ecole 42. The hackathon challenged student groups to use the Anaplan platform and develop a future supply chain model for Louis Vuitton.

Over 50 students from France’s best business and engineering schools participated in the supply chain challenge, including Arts et Metiers, Efrei and Ponts et Chaussees.

“First, we were faced with the strategic issue that Louis Vuitton operates one the best supply chains in the world, if not the best. This demonstrates the potential business value that Louis Vuitton sees in Anaplan,” Anaplan in France general manager, Edouard Fourcade, said.

Students had to “unlock” Louis Vuitton’s supply chain in three categories.

First, they had to delve into the luxury retailer’s new supply chain using Business Data Louis Vuitton. Data from RFID and its 48 platform are used for accurate store inventory information, product planning and real-time product position. Using Anaplan, students had to create an application and establish a planning platform that modeled the luxury retailer’s supply chain processes.

Next, students had to develop efficient supply chain solutions that prepared the company for unexpected events, yet still optimized store inventory and customer service demands.

Lastly, students were challenged with learning the new DDMRP method of supply chains (Demand Driven Material Requirements Planning) to connect stock management with market demand.

Fourcade spoke about how despite the fact students had two days to complete the challenge, many teams were able to come up with innovative global supply chain solutions using the Anaplan platform.

“In addition, the Hackathon format meant that students had only one weekend to complete a project based on a new technology they have never seen before,” he said. “This just proves how versatile and user-friendly the Anaplan platform is, providing the ability for enterprises to deal with an ever-changing world.”