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Lycra Debuts New Technology for Knee-Highs

Knee-highs are getting a facelift with Lycra’s latest development.

The Invista fiber brand debuted Lycra Made to Fit You technology, a new garment construction that enables knee-highs to stay up, deliver optimal compression and provide all-around comfort to the wearer regardless of foot and leg size.

In December, Lycra conducted a study to test the Made to Fit You technology with consumers. Participants, including 100 women from China, Europe and the U.S. wear-tested concept garments made with the technology. Many participants indicated they were dissatisfied with the uncomfortable hosiery products offered by retailers and desired better knee-highs for their wardrobe needs.

Study results demonstrated that women who wore the knee-highs gave the garments high ratings for material comfort, ability to stay in place without digging into the skin and for preventing red marks on their calves. Ninety percent of participants preferred Lycra’s technology over the market’s current hosiery offerings. What’s more, 65 percent of participants that didn’t wear knee-highs said they would wear garments with the new technology in the future.

Specialty fiber and standard fiber products that feature the Made to Fit You technology include Lycra T16LL fiber, Lycra T178C fiber, Lycra T17LL fiber, Lycra T777F fiber, Lycra T906M fiber, Lycra T162B fiber, Lycra T162C fiber and Lycra T163A fiber.

Lycra’s new hosiery technology reflects ongoing innovations in the legwear market. This year, the legwear market is meeting consumer demands for on-trend and performance hosiery with new fabric innovations. Category changes include better fit in the waistband, improved durability due to run-resistant fibers and more opaque materials for a trendier look. Hosiery companies are also taking a more sustainable approach and providing consumers with more visibility in their supply chains.

Hosiery, which was once considered one of grandma’s wardrobe essentials, is taking a more advanced approach and becoming a core element of consumers’ styles today thanks to innovations like this.