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Majestic Athletic Debuts Swing IQ Smart Apparel for Baseball

Majestic Athletic is bringing wearable technology to baseball players’ uniforms.

The VF Licensed Sports Group subsidiary launched Swing IQ, a smart apparel garment powered by Intel Technology that helps baseball players improve their swing accuracy.

“Majestic’s Swing IQ is shaping the future of performance apparel by leveraging technology to improve body kinetics,” Majestic Athletic VP of strategy Michael Johnson said. “Starting with Swing IQ Baseball, Majestic is committed to smart apparel that makes athletes smarter about their athletic performance.”

Baseball players will be able to validate their kinetic swing sequence with the Swing IQ garment. The patented shirt contains motion sensors on the body that provide 360-degree tracking of wrist, hip and shoulder movement.

As wearable technology, Swing IQ may be used by baseball players in practice and actual games. Comfort, versatility and data integrity are key features of the Swing IQ garment. Moisture-wicking polyester makes the shirt flexible and sensors are also virtually unnoticeable on the shirt’s surface.

A Swing IQ app is also provided with the garment, so baseball players can train smarter with analytical swing data and video capture capabilities. Training tools on the app include telestration, historical archiving and side-by-side swing comparisons.

“Data analytics is transforming the way athletes and coaches train to improve their performance,” Intel Corporation VP and GM Sandra Lopez said. “Intel is creating a sports industry human performance ecosystem that fuses data, technology and sports together.”

With Swing IQ, Majestic Athletic and Intel will drive innovations in smart sport apparel and foster collaborations for better wearable technology. Majestic Athletic created the batting practice jersey 35 years ago, meanwhile Intel has been a leader in computing technology for more than a decade. Together, both entities expect to impact future athletic performance experiences.