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Mammut Introduces an RFID Virtual Hangtag

Apparel retailers are rapidly adopting RFID technology to expand traceability, product lifecycle management and inventory tracking capabilities. Swiss outdoor equipment company Mammut is taking RFID one step further to the consumer level.

The brand’s new Mammut Connect app pairs with Smartrac NFC tags embedded in clothing to provide product information and digital content to consumers. The development makes Mammut the first outdoor brand, and one of the first sports brands, to embed NFC technology into its clothing.

According to a release from the company, when the smartphone is tapped on a product’s NFC touch point, Mammut Connect will allow consumers to retrieve information about their products from the app’s database. By accessing the “virtual hangtag” in the app, consumers can see care instructions, extend their warranty up to five years for free, and give feedback on product performance and construction.

Mammut says the tags will offer in-depth product information to enhance the in-store sales process. Mammut Connect’s smartphone app will also give users access to exclusive content, like videos, travel diaries and Mammut Alpine School class schedules.

The Smartrac tags are designed to resist harsh environments and have been tested to function in harsh weather and heavy use. Because the chips are RFID, they’ll allow Mammut to assign unique, digital IDs to physical products and trace the product’s life past the point of sale without infringing on the privacy and security of consumers. Additionally, the tags are intended to protect consumers from product piracy or sales of unauthorized copies.

“Mammut is building an ecosystem,” said Oliver Pabst, CEO of Mammut Sports Group AG, in a release from the company. “With Mammut Connect, a broad portfolio of real customer added value, we are creating an innovative platform and underlining our ambition to become digital leader in the outdoor sector.”   

The company plans to expand the capabilities of its NFC technology, both at the point of sale experience and in the services the company provides after sales. Mammut Connect chips were launched within the Delta X and Eiger Extreme product lines, as well as selected backpacks. Those Mammut Connect-enabled lines are available now, and according to the release, the company plans to implement NFC technology across a major part of its product portfolio in the years to come.