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Measuring Up: 3-D Body Scanning Can Now be Done on an iPhone

3-D body scanning has a new face, and its increasing accessibility could quickly lead to better fit and fewer returns.

In the past few years, 3-D body scanning has evolved from bulky machines to something that can be done on an app. With a few finger swipes, consumers can now have access to accurate body measurements without having to visit a store to get scanned.

Companies, like 3D Look and Nettelo, are providing consumers with the power to virtually calculate body measurements with their advanced mobile 3-D body scanning apps. From algorithms to AI, here’s how these companies are enabling consumers to find the right fits.

3D Look

Shopping online and finding the right size has been an ongoing challenge for consumers, and considering the considerable sizing variations across brands, consumers are often flying someone blindly when it comes to picking out the right size for them.

3D Look is remedying this issue with SAIA, a body scanning mobile app and platform for e-commerce shopping. SAIA can be integrated into a smartphone via API (Application Programming Interface). Consumers then take two pictures of themselves with their smartphone camera to trigger the body scanning technology. Next, SAIA evaluates the photos to determine body measurements, body shape and size of consumers, and results can be filed to ensure that shopper’s next e-commerce experience is more personalized and the fit they pick likely more accurate.

Since the launch of SAIA, 3D Look has scanned 10,000 individuals, uploaded 200,000 photos in dataset, evaluated 100 body parameters and achieved 98 percent accuracy when it comes to body measurements. The goal, according to 3D Look, is to help more consumers with a more improved shopping experience, and to decrease abandoned carts and return rates in the coming years.


With Nettelo, a 3-D body scanning app, consumers can easily capture body measurements on their smartphones, too.

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Available on Apple’s App Store, Nettelo is a free app that lets consumers scan their bodies, view and interact with 3-D renditions of themselves and have their measurements automatically calculated.

Creating a virtual mannequin on the app takes a few steps. After changing into tight clothes, consumers can place their iPhone cameras at hip-height on a piece of furniture. Next, consumers can place a small object on the floor, approximately two or three meters away from their iPhones and use that to get everything aligned. Once consumers stand in front of the iPhone, they can position the iPhone according to where the small object is on the ground. Once that’s done, the user stands back and rotates to scan all angles of their body, and from there adjustments can be made as needed.

Consumers can save the results of the app’s 21 main body measurements and be able determine their correct size across major global sizing systems. Custom measurements may also be taken by measuring desired circumference, width and height on the body.

This new ease of 3-D body scanning with apps like 3D Look and Netello could serve to quell consumers’ fit and sizing problems, but the next step will be retailer partnerships that will see these measurements sync right up with e-commerce sites so the whole shopping and sizing process becomes simpler.