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Men’s Style App MyDiModa Partners with Amazon for Shoppable-Outfit Suggestions

There’s a good reason a recent Bronco Software survey found that only 39 percent of all smartphone shoppers prefer spending money in a fashion app—there simply aren’t that many good options available. And while women now have access to Styloko’s Tinder-esque WantList (users swipe right if they like what they see) or Polyvore’s shoppable personal-stylist app, Remix, the choices for men are few and far between.

That’s why Terrence Carroll, founder of men’s style app myDiModa, has partnered with Amazon to enable users to buy whatever piques their fancy with just a few taps.

“This solves the problem that men have applying the recommendations of fashion magazines to their own wardrobe,” Carroll explained, “and it further differentiates myDiModa from other style apps on the market which just help the user organize their existing closet.”

Using a patent-pending algorithm, the Dallas-based start-up—which launched late last year—acts like a Shazam for fashion, identifying what’s in a guy’s existing wardrobe and then pairing new items with what he already owns.

Carroll added, “With this new update, our fashion-savvy Artificial Intelligence algorithm will help you find and purchase an item on Amazon with the right pattern and color to style with the rest of your wardrobe, with a brand and price point that works for you.”