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MIT Infinite Analytics Partners With Behno on Consumer Initiatives

MIT-based AI start-up Infinite Analytics is working together with sustainable fashion company Behno in order to bring the e-tailer more conversations, increased insight into shopper behavior and a personalized user experience.

The award-winning predictive analytics platform has brought in over $125 million in annual revenue for many retail companies, in addition to a 217% increase in consumer conversations for many other brands.

“We have been impressed by Infinite Analytics’ ability to increase conversions significantly. Their seamless dashboard driven integration with our platform aligned with our need for a simple, yet effective tool to personalize and improve product search & discovery,” said Shivam Punjya, founder of Behno. “We are happy to partner with them to provide greater value to our customers.”

Infinite Analytics bases personalization and analytics on a user and product perspective approach. Using its predictive analytics platform, the start-up is able to showcase consumer insights while placing the product catalog into 100 to 150 attributes for product insights.

For Behno, the contemporary label’s recent goals were to foster innovative customer acquisition and increase digital awareness. The brand was founded in 2014 after Punjya studied female factory worker conditions in India during graduate school. After completing his master’s thesis at Duke University, Punjya set out to provide female garment workers with a more personalized experience. Today, they are highly involved throughout the entire design process of Behno’s clothing.

With Infinite Analytics, Behno can still promote ethical manufacturing and strong design sensibility without compromising consumer communication. The Al platform will allow Behno to advocate for industry-wide labor changes, while involving consumers in their greater mission.

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“Behno’s noble vision and their design sensibilities are dear to us,” said Infinite Analytics CEO Akash Bhatia. “Our AI platform and its ease of use will allow to focus on creating more impact on sustainability while we drive customer engagement and conversions. We look forward to this journey with them.”

In other news, MIT is also continuing its involvement in the fashion sector with Open Style Lab, a 10-week summer program for MIT design, engineering and occupational therapy students to create adaptable apparel for disabled individuals.

In this program, students are partnered with local clients to develop garments for their individual lifestyles. The Open Style Lab has created clothing for many people, including a custom-made pattern shirt for a local autistic student.

Open Style Lab with its innovative apparel doesn’t just provide wardrobe solutions for disabled individuals. The program sets the stage for the greater fashion industry to become more adaptable for all style mavens, not just a particular demographic.