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The Company Behind MySizedID Has Opened An Online Store to Test its Tech

Sometimes your sizing technology is just so good you can’t wait for retailers to take notice.

My Size, Inc., an Israeli tech company, has announced plans to open its own e-commerce store that will utilize the MySizeID technology the company developed to capture body measurements by simply using existing smartphone technology.

The MySizeID app uses physics and machine learning to capture measurements by recording the motion of a user’s smartphone as they are directed through a series of actions—like placing their phone on the floor and slowly raising it to the top of their heads to detect height.

On Wednesday, My Size, Inc. announced the opening of its own e-commerce website, called Modelista, which will take advantage of its own tech innovation to allow consumers to shop for apparel using the MySizeID app.

“Though we have multiple leading brands that are testing the technology internally, we believe the next step in validating our proof of concept for the technology is to make it publicly available and enable consumers from around the world to try it for themselves,” Ronen Luzon, CEO of My Size, Inc., said in a statement. “We believe this gives us a tremendous opportunity to gain consumer loyalty and market feedback, while establishing MySizeID as a must-have for any online retailer.”

Luzon says Modelista customers will be able to upload their fit profile from the app and obtain size recommendations based on those measurements on the Modelista platform. To prove its point, My Size, Inc. cited a Drapers Etail report that found the online clothing market in the United States is worth an estimated $72 billion but that 32 percent of shoppers decline to purchase certain fashion items online due to concerns over size.

My Size, Inc. estimates that the app can increase average order values by as much as 20 percent and can limit return rates by 30 percent.

Additionally, Modelista pairs its return-preventing technology with a strict return policy, by industry standards. Modelista’s return window is 15 days, half that of Zara, and will not accept returns that have been worn or even taken out of the original packaging.

Customers are also responsible for the cost of returning items and will be required to include a printed receipt that includes an order ID.

It remains to be seen, however, how Modelista’s technology will be put to use and whether the measurements it collects will result in useful recommendations. Sourcing Journal’s previous reporting found that the sizing process was somewhat tedious and difficult to use.