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Moki Wants to Measure Digital Signage’s Worth

In-store kiosks that showcase product information, demos and inventory availability are the new normal in retail—but digital signage means diddly squat if its effect on consumers can’t be calculated.

Moki, a cloud-based software company that manages in-store marketing and customer service technology for the likes of Columbia Sportswear and Adidas, on Tuesday announced the launch of MokiTouch 2, a customizable app that turns any tablet into a customer-facing digital kiosk, and Moki Insights, an analytics platform that measures in-store marketing campaigns in real time.

Businesses can use the updated application—free on iTunes and Google Play—to display video or images, provide open or restricted internet browsing or offer “endless aisle” capabilities so consumers can sift through more options than can be displayed on the shop floor. Insights then delivers real-time engagement analytics to paying Moki Total Control subscribers by leveraging the use of a front-facing camera with gesture detection to measure actual device usage.

“We use [the device’s camera] to understand the traffic patterns of the consumers as they walk by, understand if they stop and look at the device,” explained Tom Karren, founder and CEO of the Lehi, Utah-based company, quickly pointing out that it doesn’t photograph or record shoppers—it just recognizes that there’s a human form there. “We track all of the interactions in a generic way. As people interact with the content, they touch the device, and we track what content was interacted with and when and how long that session lasted.”

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He added, “The idea here is to be able to track enough information that we can provide insights back to the marketers so they can understand how this device was used, what’s working and how it’s affecting your business.”

Scott Buckley, director of marketing at New Jersey-based lighting manufacturer RAB, revealed that MokiTouch has helped grow sales by as much as 40 percent at many of the company’s retail locations. “In the past, analysis of in-store initiatives has been difficult because of the logistics of compiling data across stores and devices functioning on separate networks with different managers,” he shared, adding, “MokiTouch has enabled our teams to deploy, monitor and manage all of our kiosks in the field.”

Another client, Columbia Sportswear, takes a lifestyle-inspired slant with its in-store kiosk: “It allow the consumer to indicate the kind of activity they’re interested in, say they want to do an urban hike or climb a mountain, and it will suggest specific trails and then some gear that would be helpful to them.”