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Nanotex and Cotton Inc. Introduce Dry Inside Tech for Activewear

Nanotex and Cotton Incorporated are working together to change cotton apparel technology.

The fabric innovator, in collaboration with Cotton Inc., on Tuesday launched Nanotex Dry Inside technology, a new solution that enables 100 percent cotton apparel to effectively manage moisture, in addition to reducing chaffing and dampness.

Unlike other garments created with polyester and untreated cotton, 100 percent cotton apparel, as a natural fiber, preserves comfort in athletic apparel. Combined with Nanotex Dry technology, it will now have the ability to compete with artificial fibers, since it provides functionality and sustainability in today’s athleisure apparel.

“In the last five years, we have seen tremendous growth in the active and athleisure markets and with this movement, customers have come to expect a high degree of comfort alongside a high level of performance. The stumbling block has been cotton’s innate absorbency and limited wicking abilities,” said Nanotex CEO Randy Rubin. “Nanotex Dry Inside for cotton is the solution; it enables Nanotex to give its customers what their customers are interested in—high tech performance plus the comfort of cotton.”

Thanks to a technical application at the back of the fabric, Nanotex Dry Inside allows moisture to move away from the body via invisible channels. When moved to a garment’s outer layer, moisture evaporates easily and leaves the wearer’s skin dry and breathable without harming the fabric weave.

“We found that Nanotex Dry Inside technology created a high performing cotton product,” said William Kimbrell, Cotton Inc.’s technology marketing director. “Specifically we saw cotton finished with Nanotex Dry Inside outperformed 100 percent polyester samples, as well as untreated cotton samples for moisture transport; and offered 80 percent reduction in cling force.”

Rubin noted that Nanotex Dry Iside technology will continue to impact today’s athleisure market, while complying with consumer demands of environmentally-friendly and versatile apparel. “We see Nanotex Dry Inside for cotton impacting the active and athleisure markets in a tremendous way—it allows for the touch, look and feel of cotton to be experienced in a revolutionary new way, one that has long been desired,” he said.