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Nanotex Wants to Help Clothing Live Longer

As factories crank out cheaper, faster fashion, clothing quality tends to dip—and Nanotex wants to fix that.

The Crypton-owned company introduced its patented Durable Wear technology for apparel Wednesday, which it claims modifies fabric at the molecular level to make it stronger and more resistant to wear and tear.

“At Nanotex, we are continually researching how science and technology can enhance fabrics so our brand partners have new ways to compete in the marketplace,” explained Randy Rubin, chief executive officer, noting that retailers have been approaching the company for help in extending the life of apparel, particularly in childrenswear.

That’s why the technology debuted in a small way in July at Target, as part of the chain’s new Cat & Jack line of kids’ clothing. Nanotex Durable Wear fit with its trademarked “Tough Cotton,” a cotton-and-spandex blend that gets stronger with every wash. Durable Wear is incorporated in two of the line’s pants styles for boys, which feature reinforced knees and retail for $14.99.

Now that it’s proving popular with consumers, the company is making the technology available to more apparel makers.

In addition to Target, the nanotechnology-based firm’s brand partners include J.C. Penney, Gymboree, Under Armour and Cotton Inc., among others, and its product portfolio comprises Resists Spills, Releases Stains, Neutralizer and Coolest Comfort.

Earlier this month, Nanotex and Cotton Inc. announced Dry Inside for cotton apparel. This moisture-wicking technology eliminates dampness and chafing in 100 percent cotton clothing, maintaining the garment’s comfort capabilities.