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New Cooling Jacket Promises 20 Hours of Constant Cool

When it heats up, wearing more layers hasn’t typically been a solution, but one new company promises that’s the way to do it.

Enter Zippkool, a thick cotton fabric jacket developed by SFT Laboratory Co. Ltd in Japan, that gives the body a cool breeze when sweat picks up.

Zippkool jackets are designed to create an artificial airflow around the body to vaporize sweat more quickly, which keeps the body cooler and checks sweat.

A special patented fabric prevents air from escaping the Zippkool jackets, instead allowing it to circulate, and a super lightweight fan blows up to five gallons of air per second. The fan sucks up 20 liters of air per second and that air flows parallel to the body and vaporizes sweat. The vaporized heat is then carried out by the airflow and ventilated through the collar and cuffs. The lithium-ion battery powered gear allows for up to 20 hours of use in a single charge.

Contractors and farm workers who typically labor in the hot sun during summer work months are the company’s prime targets for the cooling gear. Opus One Winery in Napa, California and the Japan Agriculture Cooperatives have already taken up use of the jacket for their workers.

“We believe we can make an effective change in various work environments such as agricultural, construction, roadwork and so on, by introducing the Zippkool products,” the company said on its website. “We strongly believe that the introduction of Zippkool Products into these work environments will not only allow workers to work more comfortably in their work environments but go further as to increase productivity, efficiency, and protection against heat-related illness.”

SFT Laboratory will debut the cooling jackets at the U.S. Construction Industry at the National Hardware Show 2016 in Las Vegas this week, May 4-6.