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New Lectra 3-D Tool Cuts Down Production Time

Lectra’s latest innovation is boosting apparel production for a major French brand.

The integrated technology solutions provider equipped Cache Cache with Modaris 3D, a 3-D prototyping tool that streamlines product development and sub-contractor communication. Cache Cache dramatically reduced the number of prototypes possible with Modaris 3D, and in addition to using the tool for its dresses, the company has incorporated the solution across all of its lines.

“We are leveraging Modaris 3D to react rapidly to evolving demand. With this solution, our stylists and product managers can easily make choices, organized around the same screen, based on prototypes developed in 3-D,” Cache Cache director of sales Camille Dupont said. “The decision-making process starts as early as possible and is much quicker.”

Group Beaumanoir, Cache Cache’s conglomerate, has been a Lectra customer for more than 15 years. As the group’s early brand, Cache Cache dominates the French and international prêt-à-porter market with more than 1,590 sales points worldwide. Cache Cache also recently expanded in other continents, including Asia, with the opening of its 1,000th shop in China and is engaging rapidly in the e-commerce scene.

Incorporating Modaris 3D enabled Cache Cache to replace a portion of its physical prototypes with virtual prototypes. The tool streamlined exchanges between sub-contractors and the design offices, which saved the brand time and money in the production development process. With Modaris 3D at both of its design offices in St. Malo and Shanghai, Cache Cache will be able to speed up its apparel production development, build a strong global  footprint and continue to satisfy the needs of its millennial consumer demographic.

“Highly responsive, Cache Cache is permanently adapting to developments in fashion across its many markets. By advancing more quickly at the product development stage, our teams will have more time to dedicate to new creative ideas,” Cache Cache technical division head Jeanine Guillaume said. “In addition, we will achieve considerable all-round savings thanks to improved exchanges between our suppliers.”