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New Technology Eases Supply Chain Streamlining

TexTempo is elevating apparel manufacturers’ operations with curated technology solutions.

The independent technology solutions provider, coupled with its automation equipment and industry expertise, is developing a more consultative approach for clients that are looking to implement new shop floor technologies. TexTempo will establish tech solutions for individual client needs while maximizing the return-on-investment (ROI).

“Our core focus is on improving productivity, visibility and process tracking at all levels of the shop floor through executive levels. Our initial customers are pleased to learn that we bring greater and more diverse experience to the sales and implementation cycle,” TexTempo co-founder Gene Denny-Lybbert said. “They value our unique ability to deliver the most advanced and industry-focused production solutions available.”

As the need for quicker, more efficient clothing production heightens, TexTempo has built relationships with multiple technology providers, including Shopfloor Control LLC, a Shop Floor Control (SFC) solutions provider. Its apparel manufacturing solution uses wireless tablet technology, cloud-based production management controls and an Android app to foster productivity, tracking and visibility capabilities for supply chain workers.

TexTempo also plans to facilitate other alliances with cutting room, production floor, payroll and technology providers, so that apparel manufacturers can streamline their supply chain processes.

TexTempo’s new technology services are timely with the changing retail environment. Today, as fast-fashion dominates wardrobes, consumer demands heighten and sustainability becomes a top priority in production, many brands and designers are turning toward on-demand manufacturing.

Companies, including TexTempo, are helping industry members achieve on-demand manufacturing with new innovations, including robotics, software applications, and device integration. These innovations enable brands and manufacturers to take apparel production locally, shorten lead times and bring goods closer to the consumer. While retail’s digital shift continues, TexTempo’s personalized technology solutions could be beneficial for apparel manufacturers that want to streamline their supply chains from sourcing to finished product.