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Next Generation NGC Platform Promises to Foster More Nimble Supply Chains

The only way to survive the flux that retail is in—apart from being increasingly relevant to today’s consumer—is to be armed with all the data and the tools to execute efficiently at every point in the supply chain.

For many companies, that has meant turning to software systems to help them get through things. But it takes more than just a Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) system, according to NGC Software.

In keeping with increasing demand to accommodate a shifting retail landscape, the technology solutions provider released its next-generation Andromeda cloud platform Friday. The old “assembly line” model for launching a new product line (plan, develop, produce, distribute, review sales, start over) doesn’t work anymore, NGC says.

“If fashion companies are following the same old process, they are bound to fail,” NGC wrote on its website. “PLM, the Holy Grail that enables collaborative product development, only benefits one sector of the process. To be successful, the entire extended global enterprise must react to current consumer buying trends. The Andromeda platform enables the Connected Enterprise.”

With the new technology, companies can integrate data from all of their departments as well as third-party goods and service providers into one source of information. The platform is expected to improve functionality and provide greater scalability and faster performance.

Andromeda supports just-in-time manufacturing, postponement, reserved capacity, direct-to-store shipments and material commitments with drawdowns. All processes are streamlined to enable lead time optimization, improve speed to market and help companies quickly get more of a product that’s selling, or quickly get out of one that isn’t.

“The retail industry is changing at light speed,” said Mark Burstein, president of sales, marketing and R&D at NGC. “Concepts like demand-driven supply chain, lead time optimization and omnichannel distribution all mean one thing: give consumers what they want, when and where they want it. To do this, retailers and brand owners must react faster than ever to the latest data and trends.”