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This Company’s Bringing AR to E-commerce, No App Required

Augmented reality is one of those buzzwords that is actually gaining traction in the retail industry and making a difference in how customers shop. The technology puts a product’s “digital twin” in a real-world environment, giving shoppers a better look at whether that item truly works for their needs.

Adopted by retailers from Amazon to Wayfair, AR is one of the rare tech trends in retail that’s both cool and practical. But while most AR offerings out there rely on an app download, a new company claims it can deliver AR for e-commerce, no app required.

NexTech Solutions recently filed a comprehensive provisional patent for its web-enabled AR e-commerce technology, with plans to file a fast-track patent application sometime in the next two months. The company said it’ll be working with partners to “ARitize” their sites in the coming weeks so they can offer mixed reality experiences, in addition to augmented ones, across their digital sites.

In a statement announcing the platform launch, CEO Evan Gappelberg claimed NextTech’s solution solves the AR problem on both mobile and desktop. “When we started looking at AR we immediately saw the wow factor and application for e-commerce but also saw a hesitation of consumers to load another app on their mobile device,” he explained. “With our web enabled AR e-commerce solution, we have eliminated that hesitation which we believe will open the floodgates to the rapid adoption of web enabled AR shopping experiences worldwide. This truly is a game changer.”

According to COO Reuben Tozman, “NexTech’s web enabled AR platform allows small and large e-commerce websites to integrate AR into the shopping experience with just a few lines of embed code democratizing AR at scale and creating a true consumer platform.”

Tozman continued, “The biggest hurdle online customers face is determining whether a certain product is right for them. AR offers shoppers the confidence that will motivate purchasing decisions. AR provides users with an in-store shopping experience, regardless of their location.

“Our AR platform superimposes 3-D objects in various spaces, giving customers a chance to interact with digital twins from the comfort of their own homes,” Tozman said.

NexTech said it’s developing its AR technology with the goal of using artificial intelligence to create a “knowledgeable curator who knows an individual shopper’s style, sizes and preferences.” The company also envisions holograms one day serving as virtual personal shopping assistants.