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NGC Software Debuts New Mobile Auditing Application

NGC Software is providing retailers with a new auditing tool.

The fashion PLM provider launched its Advanced Quality Module, a new tablet-based application and software that assists quality control managers with manufacturing facility audits. With the new application, apparel brands can identify supply chain issues and improve product quality.

Manual quality control processes are minimized with the NGC Advanced Quality Module. The application integrates easily with other supply chain management solutions from NGC and other companies. With its multilingual online and offline functionality, the application can be used with NGC Interactive Quality Tablet (IQT), a mobile-based solution for product auditing.

While using the application, auditors can conduct multiple audits for purchase orders, take photos of defects and conduct master factory inspections. Detailed analytics are also another feature of the application. Information is sortable by country, factory, style and vendor, so auditors can determine the best approach for sourcing decisions and factory improvements. Other capabilities of the application include offline inspections, statistical quality with variable AQLs, corrective action plans and failure alerts. Once audits are finished, they are uploaded to Andromeda SCM for real-time reporting and error notifications.

“NGC’s Advanced Quality Module is revolutionizing the way manufacturers conduct their quality control processes and is far more objective and consistent than the manual processes many manufacturers use,” said NGC Software president of marketing Mark Burstein. He added, “Our Advanced Quality Module is already being deployed by leading fashion brands and retailers, helping them make better sourcing decisions and quickly improve product quality.”