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Nordstrom Introduces ‘Reserve & Try In Store’ App

Nordstrom is fostering a more seamless shopping experience with a new digital feature.

The Seattle-based retailer recently launched “Reserve & Try In Store,” a new app that allows consumers to reserve garments and try them on in-store on the same day, GeekWire reported. The app is available for Android and iOS smartphones and will be accessible at Nordstrom’s Western Washington locations.

“We realize that customers want to shop on their terms,” said Shea Jensen, Nordstrom’s vice president of customer experience Shea Jensen. “Reserve & Try In Store is a way to help make the shopping experience easier for customers who like to touch, feel and try on items before buying them.”

To start, shoppers may browse in the app using Store Mode, another digital tool that allows them to select a preferred location and compare items available at their favorite store and all Nordstrom inventory. Once shoppers find the 10 items or less that they want, they click Reserve and Try, fill out their contact information and confirm their reservation in the app. Nordstrom will alert shoppers if their reservations are ready in two hours or less and no payment is due before this time. When visiting the store, shoppers may go to the new Order Pickup area and try on their items in a pre-arranged fitting room. After that, they may buy the items they wish to keep.

With today’s evolving retail scene and the growing popularity of digital outlets, Nordstrom decided to develop “Reserve & Try In Store” in order to merge traditional in-store shoppers with online shoppers. The app provides digital consumers the opportunity to try on apparel and shoes before making purchasing decisions, which minimizes the chance of returns. As part of its ongoing tech strategy reform, Nordstrom plans to provide more digital consumer solutions in upcoming years.