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How This Startup Drives In-Store Conversions with Millennial-Friendly Video

More than 80 percent of millennials are compelled to purchase after they watch a product video, and one startup wants to turn that interest into a conversion opportunity for brick-and-mortar stores.

Silicon Valley startup Pick’n’Watch claims stores using its solution engage shoppers at their moment of interest and see conversion leap 30 percent.

The company’s black “smart” box senses when a customer touches or picks up a product in store, and immediately begins playing a video about that product on a store-shelf screen. CEO Erhan Ark said at NRF Monday that Pick’n’Watch boosts customer engagement tenfold and helps to relieve store associates from explaining complex products like tools and machinery. The subscription-based service allows retailers to trial the offering without making a large commitment up front.

Pick’n’Watch provides touch analytics so that marketing managers can measure the success of their activities. A dashboard tracks interaction counts, which stores are seeing the highest customer interactions and hours driving highest interactivity, to name just some of the key metrics it looks at.

Current customers include sportswear giant Adidas, and according to Ark, stores that have deployed Pick’n’Watch have a competitive insight into what’s really happening at the store-shelf level.

“They’re closing the innovation gap between offline and online shopping experience in the age of Amazon,” Ark said.