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3D Fashion Software Firm Optitex Lands New Owner

As he coronavirus pandemic stretches fashion and apparel supply chains thin and employees are forced to work from home amid closures of factories, stores and distribution centers, employees across the chain need all the virtual tools they can get to bring products from concept to design. One company providing these virtual capabilities for fashion retailers and manufacturers alike has found a new home.

FOG Software Group has acquired Optitex, a provider of 3D virtual prototyping and 2D computer-aided design and manufacturing software solutions for the fashion and apparel, upholstery, industrial fabrics and automotive industries, from Electronics for Imaging (EFI). Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Optitex—formerly known as EFI Optitex—will continue to operate independently within FOG and plans to expand its suite of software solutions and services, while directly supporting its 30,000 users worldwide.

The Optitex suite includes solutions such as 3D Design Illustrator, which enables users to leverage Adobe Illustrator to create stylish garments with complex prints; Revu, which enables users to review different variations of their 3D samples simultaneously; and 2D/3D Integrated Pattern Design Software, which lets users create virtual samples in various sizes using advanced grading tools that allow them to grade patterns and visualize an accurate draped result in a 3D digital environment.

FOG Software Group has acquired Optitex, a provider of 3D virtual prototyping and 2D computer-aided fashion design and production software.
Cycling apparel firm Rapha became an Optitex client in late March. Courtesy

The software is designed to digitally streamline design, development and production throughout the supply chain and enabling efficient workflows and quick response to market demands. By cutting the need for physical samples within the 3D visualization process and replacing them with virtual samples, retailers can review and perfect their products before assembling any physical prototypes, with the goal of substantial cost reduction.

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The company reports that the technology saves up to 60 percent of sample production time, showcases true-to-life virtual samples of products within one to two hours and creates the virtual samples with 95 percent accuracy.

Additionally, Optitex software is designed to seamlessly integrate with PLM and ERP platforms for cost calculations and production forecasting, so retailers can easily adjust their fabric purchasing and overall budget planning.

“While retaining independence of business operations, we reinforce our strong commitment to innovative product development,” said Amir Lehr, CEO of Optitex. “This investment also shows a tremendous vote of confidence in both our team, and our technology, particularly in these challenging times. Optitex expects to achieve lasting business stability supported by Constellation’s long-term vision, and further benefit from Constellation’s financial support, networking opportunities and well-honed management best practices.”

Rapha Racing, a cycling apparel firm, recently deployed Optitex software.  “We chose Optitex 2D as our pattern cutting solution because of its intuitive, easy-to-use tools and functionalities, and its insight into implementing EFI Optitex 3D down the road, to serve as a single solution in helping us to reduce samples through fit assessment early in the process,” said Rapha head of Atelier Claudine Rousseau. “What’s more, investing in 3DDI will greatly help our graphics team to visualize graphic applications, and facilitate a more experimental approach. It will also minimize errors in communication with our vendors, saving time and costs.”

FOG Software Group is a division of Vela Software and Constellation Software, Inc., with the latter having completed more than 500 acquisitions. The companies acquire, manage and build software companies in a variety of vertical markets.