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Optitex Pairs With PTC to Speed Up Apparel Design Process

Apparel brands and retailers have a new solution to help bring goods to market faster than ever.

Optitex, a 3-D virtual prototyping provider owned by Electronics for Imaging (EFI), teamed up with technology company PTC to introduce an integrated offering of their solutions, connecting the EFI Optitex 3D Visual Platform with PTC’s FlexPLM.

The integrated offering, announced Wednesday, will allow brands and retailers to review and validate their collections virtually within weeks of design, rather than several months later. Another plus—faster collaboration within organizations, as well as with customers and supply chain partners, creating more time for design changes.

“3-D digital products are becoming a competitive advantage in the fashion industry, enabling an order of magnitude faster development and collection review, with market validation, sell-in and merchandising happening earlier than ever before,” Asaf Landau, general manager of EFI Optitex, said in a statement. “We see PLM integration as a critical step in enabling our customers to leverage their 3D Visual Platform throughout the product lifecycle, and are very excited to be partnering with PTC as our first integration. Brands and retailers using this leading PLM will now be able to make better decisions, earlier. That will lead them to go to market with better apparel products.”

Slated to launch this year, the first version of the integrated offering will provide full document control and management, library synchronization of fabrics, artworks and colorways, and bill of materials extraction directly from EFI Optitex software.

“Our vision of providing transformative solutions that enable our customers to evolve to a season-less planning paradigm, generating richly personalizable products, requires a high degree of transparency with supply chain partners,” said Eric Symon, general manager of PTC’s retail business unit. “This integration will shift the operating model of apparel design and delivery in that direction and it is something that our customers are equally excited to see come to market.”