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Pantone Launches App for Designers

Pantone released a new app that combines mobile technology, color management and design for optimal consumer content consumption.

The global color authority on Tuesday debuted Pantone Studio, a new iOS app for iPhone that provides digital solutions for creative industries, including graphic design, fashion design and illustration. Pantone Studio creates a collaborative platform for designers that want to experiment with color palettes and share their work on design software and social media.

“Today, Pantone has become iconic and indispensable as the de facto language of color in all design disciplines, as well as a source of color intelligence and inspiration,” said Pantone’s senior vice president and general manager, Ron Potesky. “Recognizing the needs and opportunities for designers today, we created Pantone Studio to provide them their own private color studio–a place where they can explore, capture, create and share color inspiration with friends and colleagues.”

App members will be able to access Pantone Studio’s 10,000 plus standardized hues in a comprehensive library for their individual design needs. Transforming the search process from combing through a physical Pantone fan deck into a digital tap is what makes this app a seamless color experimentation method. On the app, Pantone guides in the format of a chromatically organized grid allow members to find distinctive hues instantly.

Two features of Pantone Studio include color values and color palettes. Color data (including sRGB and CMYK values) and harmonies (including complementary and analogous) are available for each color posted in the app. Palettes may be built on the app as well. With a maximum of five colors, member can create their own palettes using color guides and colors extracted from other images. With color palettes, designers will have the ability to name colors, add searchable tags for palettes, create inspirational images as a personal mood board, store unlimited palettes and import palettes into Adobe Creative Cloud.

Trend formation is also another benefit of Pantone Studio. Instagram images may be incorporated into designers’ palettes on the app for color inspiration. Essentially, designers can establish palettes from other social media platforms as well, which broadens the creative process. Designers also have access to the Pantone Color Institute to study color trend forecasting and product palette development. Additionally, designers can share their final creations and continue to bring innovative colors to the public in a digital manner.