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Demand Chain Untangled: The Future of Apparel & Footwear Personalization

It seems almost simple at first glance: Consumers want what they want—when they want it and how they want it.

Or so they think.

In reality, some consumers want to be the hero gift giver known for doling out unique presents during the holidays, while others are just hunting for something a little different than those tired basics on repeat. Many more simply crave clothing and footwear that fit them well.

When done correctly, companies that embrace personalization and on-demand models are able to deliver all of these things. Whether they dive head-first into mass customization or experiment with small runs and limited-edition goods, the early stage of this industry shift means new revenue streams for brands able to seize these opportunities.

What’s more, moving from a supply chain to a demand chain can not only translate to higher sales, but it can also reduce waste and help companies achieve their sustainability goals.

Featuring interviews and insight from brands, retailers, manufacturers and longtime industry experts, Paradigm Shift, the 2019 On-Demand Report, explores such topics as:

  • How made to measure can make proper fit a reality
  • The science behind the siren call of bespoke products
  • The pressures of on-demand models—and how to manage them
  • How collaboration and change management can result in real business gains
  • Pros and cons of outsourcing product development
  • Finding the right custom recipe to maintain margins
  • How the rise in customization will change the shape of labor, trade and financing
  • The tech aiding the push to personalization
  • The role demand chains can play in sustainability
  • What the rest of the industry thinks about custom apparel
  • How Amazon, specifically, is experimenting in this space

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