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Reachify Debuts Intelligence Technology Platform

The enterprise technology platform is introducing an innovative technology platform that guides retailers through the complicated $620 billion enterprise software market, where buyers and sellers sometimes have trouble locating each other. Many popular brands, including J. Crew and Vineyard Vines, are currently utilizing the platform to rate technology providers.

“Individuals from almost every level and every department are selecting software, making it hard to gain alignment within companies and since system integrations and dependencies have increased, the stakes and risks for these million dollar decisions are higher,” Reachify chief executive officer and founder Cindy Lincks said.  “As a result, better intelligence is being demanded to minimize these risk factors.”

The platform also answers many questions for retailers. They can ask the platform questions such as “What is the full list of companies that solve a specific problem?”, “Is this technology compatible with my company’s existing systems?” and “Who are the best people with whom to reference check the software?” Retailers can also ask the platform about their competitors’ software solution providers, so they can have an edge on what other companies are doing in today’s e-commerce scene.

“The web has successfully used the power of crowds to solve complex information needs in the past, such as Wikipedia and Yelp, and Reachify has finally bridged the information gap around enterprise software that has stood in the way of innovation in the retail industry for too long,” Beanstalk Ventures managing partner Ken Seiff said.

As e-commerce’s popularity gains momentum, Reachify will continue to assist retailers in finding the best technology provider solutions without compromising quality and transparency.