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Sciessent, Polartec Work With Activewear Companies on Fabric Tech

Sciessent and Polartec are offering activewear companies and their consumers the latest cutting-edge technology for optimal sports performance.

Both companies individually announced their collaborations with athletic apparel brands on innovative fabric solutions. Sciessent announced its partnership with Swedish company Haglofs, which will receive its Lava odor-adsorbing technology for select apparel pieces. Polartec also announced that it will be working with Kitsbow, Outdoor Research, Velocio and Westcomb to debut its first cooling platform, Polartec Delta, to consumers.

Sciessent’s Lava is non-toxic and it efficiently traps bacteria-produced odor molecules that live under the human skin. Lava absorbs body odor compounds produced from physical activity sweat. When the odors try to pass through athletic apparel, Lava captures them and sustains fresh-smelling garments. Even through the laundry process, Lava technology doesn’t diminish and remains at capacity throughout future garment use.

“Everyone sweats and the clothing inevitably starts to smell. Since we create clothing to complement an active lifestyle, the need to incorporate odor-fighting technology into our apparel is apparent,” said Haglöfs’ sustainability manager, Eva Mullins. “We opted to partner with Sciessent and use their Lava product because it provides an environmentally-friendly solution to odor control allowing us to tread more lightly in the places we play.”

Polartec’s first company cooling platform, Polartec Delta, will also assist consumers who live active lifestyles. The fabric solution features hydrophobic and hydrophilic yarns to extend the human skin’s natural evaporative cooling response. This mechanical wicking construction is more sustainable than using chemical additives to keep consumers cool and not overheated during their next workout.

The first garments that will feature Polartec Delta will include the Westcomb Bravo Top & Delta Crew, the Outdoor Research Gauge TEE, the Kitsbow Radiator Tee and the Velocio Radiator Baselayer.

Polartec’s product marketing manager, Karen Beattie, spoke about how Polartec Delta will impact the athletic apparel market greatly and also expose consumers to better fabric technology. “The science of the fabric was the initial hook, and the comfort experienced in field testing sealed the deal. We are excited to see major brands garments hit the market all over the world so consumers can get to experience Delta first-hand,” she said.