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On-Site Engineering Drives Innovation at Award Winning Textile Plant

Veranneman Technical Textiles is pioneering future manufacturing with a new achievement.

The Sioen Industries company won a Factory of the Future Award on Feb.2, which recognizes Belgian manufacturing companies that have transformed into innovators in recent years. Coordinated by the Made Different action plan, an industry initiative established by the Flemish government, technology federation Agoria and its joint research center Sirris, the Factory of the Future award aims to strengthen Belgium’s manufacturing industry for future prosperity.

“This award is the culminating result of all the innovative efforts that we made as a in recent years company in terms of products, production and people management,” Sioen Industries Group CEO Michele Sioen said. “This was not possible without the dedication and enthusiasm of our employees.”

Veranneman Technical Textiles manufacturers open structure fabrics (mesh) with applications in automotive products and nonwoven filters. The company was recognized for advanced breakthroughs in the Made Different plan’s seven transformations, including world-class manufacturing technologies, end-to-end engineering, digital factory, human centered production, production network, eco-production and smart production systems.

As a leader in automation and innovation, Veranneman features state-of-the-art machines for production, including kitting, weaving and laid scrim, at its factories. Veranneman also modifies machines internally, to promote work efficiency and digitization. While engineering its own machines, the company avoids breakdowns, defects and wastes to make the technical textile production process more manageable and sustainable.

Communication is also key at Veranneman’s facilities. At the company’s online coating plant in Ardooie, Coolbox, a communication hub, is available for employees that work at the facility. Coolbox is located next to the facility’s machines and serves as a meeting place for reviewing loomdata, KPI’s and speedindicators for machine performance monitoring. Coolbox also has a display screen with internal memos, general quality guidelines and company information for reference.

Made Different’s jury also recognized Veranneman for its industry mission. Along with its corporate slogan, ‘Protection through Innovation,’ the company wants to foster technical textile development and protect consumers in the market. By cooperating with research centers, interacting with consumers and adopting new supply chain standards, Veranneman will continue to lead the technology transformation in Belgium’s manufacturing sector.