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This Smart Hanger Yields Potential Cost-Saving Benefits for Retailers

A smart hanger could be a solution for retailers that are struggling to streamline inventory costs, reduce their carbon footprint and improve consumers’ purchasing journeys.

Logistics provider OIA Global recently collaborated with Digimarc, a barcode solutions company, and Ditto Sustainable Brand Solutions to develop the Ditto Smart Hanger—a hanger with a sustainable makeup and the ability to record real-time product tracking, heighten product security and leverage mobile technology to engage consumers.

Several retailers, including New Seasons Market and Wegmans, have incorporated the Ditto Smart Hanger to heighten their private label products. With the Ditto Smart Hanger, retailers can elevate their back-end operations and sales floor, while placing the consumer first in a brick-and-mortar environment.

“The Digimarc imperceptible Digital 3-D barcode covers all surfaces of the Ditto Smart Hanger, making it easily scanned by hand-held scanners, wall-mounted cameras, check-out scanners or consumers’ smartphones,” an OIA global representative said. “The 3-D technology allows for each garment on the Ditto Smart Hanger to be scanned by multiple devices for customizable point-specific data collection.”

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Features of the Ditto Smart Hanger span four categories—logistics, retail operations, consumer loyalty and sustainability.

For logistics, the Ditto Smart Hanger maximizes warehousing with faster inventory tracking, replenishment and real-time, point-specific tracking by shippers, distribution centers and store staff. The Ditto Smart Hanger also offers up to 20 percent savings on transportation costs for garments shipped on hangers.

On the operations and retail side, the Ditto Smart Hanger provides store employees with access to Digimarc Discover ID Manager—a digital solution that streamlines workflow. With the Ditto Smart Hanger, store employees no longer have to search for UPC/EAN symbols during the detection accuracy process. Additional features of the Ditto Smart Hanger include brand authentication, theft prevention and shorter checkout lines. Even though the Ditto Smart Hanger costs slightly more than a conventional hanger, it fits up to 50 percent more product on retail displays and is customizable for retailers’ branding and marketing campaigns.

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Consumers also have the ability to engage with Ditto Smart Hangers. OIA Global, Digimarc and Ditto Sustainable Brand Solutions are providing free Digimarced-enabled mobile applications for consumers, so they can interact with products and experience faster self-checkout in stores. While consumers browse around the store, the Ditto Smart Hanger enables them to scan products for information, reviews and personalized promotions. In addition, retailers are able to collect consumer preference data to build loyalty and conduct post-scales scanning of the Ditto Smart Hanger in consumers’ closets for future engagement.

Despite concerns about apparel pollution, the Ditto Smart Hanger may further reduce the industry’s carbon footprint. Made with 100 percent recycled paper fiberboard, the hanger can be recycled by retailers at brick-and-mortar locations and through consumers’ curbside recycling programs. The hanger is also LEED approved for renewable materials and takes up to 20 percent less space when it comes to shipping cartons and other fulfillment environments.