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Digital Manufacturer Raises $5 million to Advance Smart Production Platform

LeaderMES, a digital manufacturing platform that allows managers of small and mid-sized factories to harness the power of the cloud to analyze trends and make informed decisions, has raised $5 million with its latest funding round.

The funds, led by Israeli venture capital fund Firstime and its managers, Ilan Shiloah, Nir Tarlovsky and Jonathan Benartzi, will strengthen and extend the company’s international marketing efforts, technological development and recruitment of personnel to support these efforts.

LeaderMES collects data from manufacturing equipment and transforms it into information to improve manufacturing processes through secured cloud technology and smart connected apps. Dashboards can be viewed on laptops, smartphones and tablets to provide insight into factory, department and individual machine performance with recommendations to boost productivity and resource management.

“LeaderMES makes it simple for manufacturers to digitally transform their plants and take them into the Fourth Industrial Revolution,” founder and CEO Amir Aloni said. “With this innovative set of tools, manufacturing staff are empowered to streamline their operations and improve their performance by 10 percent within the first month of implementation and 30 percent to 40 percent over the long term.”

The system allows factory managers to monitor the efficiency of their procedures to help determine the best way to maximize resources while increasing quality control, the company explained. Machine operators, process planning engineers and senior managers can work together to streamline operations and improve the plant’s adaptability and efficiency. Productivity reports can be developed for each machine, monitoring and tracking various parameters of production, quality control, maintenance and energy usage.

“LeaderMES’s provides small and medium sized manufacturers the most advanced tools to help managers quickly identify and correct processes, leading to huge savings in machinery, energy and material costs,” Alon said. “The platform can play a huge role in helping them adapt to a very competitive global economy and comply with industry requirements, while maintaining their workforce and protecting local jobs.”

Firstime managing partner Nir Tarlovsky added, “Introducing connectivity and IoT into manufacturing plants will make processes more efficient and reduce costs.”