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Soma’s Taking Bra-Fitting “Femtech” to the Masses with New Partnerships

Soma is attempting to bring its tech-powered fit-measuring bra to the masses.

The Chico’s-owned lingerie brand debuted its SOMAINNOFIT technology in January of this year and has since launched with QVC across multiple selling platforms. With the success of that partnership and promises now to expand it, Soma is looking to broaden its reach even further.

On Thursday, the company announced in a release that the Bluetooth-enabled fitting bra would be carried by “software-powered” retail tech startup b8ta, which helps consumers discover new and innovative tech products for their daily lives. The partnership will extend to b8ta’s New York CityChicagoSan Jose and Houston store locations, as well the company’s website. 

The SOMAINNOFIT bra is outfitted with all-over sensors designed to capture comprehensive data about a woman’s breast shape, based on four lines of bosom measurements from the underbust line on up. The bra transmits these findings via Bluetooth to a corresponding app, which is available for Android and iOS.

From there, Soma provides sizing information and makes recommendations about products and styles that would provide the wearer with an optimal, tailored fit.

The technology was designed to replace the tedious, confusing bra-fitting process that many women have come to dread. Awkward appointments with measuring tape-wielding store associates and trips to the dressing room with armfuls of options have made the experience of shopping for a bra a chore for many consumers, and online browsing hasn’t provided much more clarity.

The launch and subsequent push of SOMAINNOFIT demonstrates Soma’s hunger to become a player in the world of “femtech”—software, products and diagnostic tools built to service women’s health and wellness. Brands like Cora, which makes organic feminine products, Thinx, a purveyor of period-proof undergarments, and Ava, a startup that makes bracelets that detects levels of fertility are prominent examples.

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The space is full of advanced iterations on female-focused products and solutions that have been in need of revamping for years.

“We are excited about our new partnership with b8ta and the opportunity to further build on our record of success with QVC,” said Mary van Praag, president of Chico’s Intimate Apparel Group.

“b8ta is paving the way as the next generation of retail as a service company and we are thrilled to add SOMAINNOFIT to their innovative product offerings,” van Praag continued. “We expect this will help us drive new customer acquisition, sales, brand awareness and consideration. Our partnerships further Soma’s commitment to break new ground with innovation for women and help them find their perfect bra fit.”