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Sympatex Brings New Heating & Lighting System to Workwear

Sustainable textile company Sympatex is launching a new heating & lighting system for gloves, jackets and waistcoats this month—an innovation designed to protect workers from extreme cold temperatures and field accidents.

Battery-powered heating modules are the powerhouse of the Sympatex heating system. Available in different sizes, these hidden modules allow the wearer to have freedom of movement, offer multi-level regulation and are easy to monitor. Wearers are also kept at a comfortable body temperature with the system’s homogeneous heat supply. The heating system is an advantage to many workers who operate in freezing weather conditions, including those in construction and roadwork.

Sympatex’s lighting system also benefits workers with increased safety. An integrable and battery-powered lighting system improves workers’ visibility at obstructive times of day, including sunrise, dusk and night. The system’s operating unit also helps wearers regulate four different light functions, so they may customize the amount of light needed on the job.

Sympatex’s recent development follows another business milestone, which was the debut of more sustainable materials to the textile industry. For its apparel business unit, Sympatex offers laminates composed of recycled outer and lining fabrics. As the demand for recycled materials increases, Sympatex is offering material made of reused PET bottles, which are turned into yarn for various apparel products. Many entities, including the French postal services and United Nations, have incorporated Sympatex’s environmentally-friendly fabric alternatives into their consumer goods.