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This Tech is Going to Help Retailers Deliver More Personalized Experiences

A new tech solution will allow retailers to seamlessly facilitate more personalized experiences at both the e-commerce and brick-and-mortar levels.

Omnichannel company GK Software, which recently acquired a majority stake in tech company prudsys AG, is integrating prudsys AG’s AI capabilities into its OmniPOS platform, so retailers can develop customized consumer experiences online and in stores. Previously limited to digital platforms, retailers now have the ability to boost personalization in physical store environments with GK Software’s expanded omnichannel solutions.

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When retailers use GK Software’s OmniPOS and Mobile Customer Assistant store solutions, they have access to multiple personalization features—including the ability to send custom product recommendations, targeted promotions and individual newsletters to consumers. Individualized product recommendations enable retailers to learn from consumers’ real-time reactions and recommend products that suit their individual shopping needs. While studying consumer’s purchasing behaviors, retailers can provide personalized promotions that optimize gross margins and sales. A smart shopping list feature sends recommendations to consumers based on their frequent purchases, while GK Software’s Mobile Customer Assistant allows retailers to send customer-specific newsletters based on personal shopping history.

“Our expanded omnichannel capabilities present retailers the next level of consumer experience, increasing both loyalty and revenue. Now, GK Software makes personalization truly omnichannel, both offline and online,” GK Software USA CEO Michael Jaszczyk said. “We are enabling retailers to recommend products to their consumers based on their personal behaviors at every touchpoint.”

GK Software will showcase its AI-powered omnichannel solutions and mobile customer engagement platform (yMCA) at the upcoming NRF Big Show, which will be held from Jan. 14-16, 2018.