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Teijin Launches Polyester Hook-and-Loop Fastener

Teijin wants to update traditional apparel hooks and buttons.

The high-performance fibers company launched Fastenano, a super-soft polyester hook-and-loop fastener.

Fastenano uses Teijin’s Nanofront, which is the world’s first 700-nanometer ultra-fine polyester. Compared to regular fiber, Nanofront’s nano-sized bumps increase its surface area by 12 times. Benefits of this feature include absorption, excellent slip resistance, filtering properties, heat shielding and softness.

Nanofront polyester nanofiber-pile fabric is used for Fastenano’s loop surface and polyester raised fabric is used for Fastenano’s hook surface. The fastener achieves high adhesiveness when pulled horizontally, but it separates easily when pulled vertically. Nanofront pile fabric’s high friction allows the loop surface to secure effectively around the hook surface regardless of movement.

When the loop surface and hook surface are separated, Fastenano’s ripping sound is also much quieter compared to other fasteners. The hook-and-loop surfaces are also soft and pliable, providing comfort and shape variety on various garments.

Teijin’s Fastenano will be available to purchase later this year.