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This Apparel Line Could Help Consumers Combat Vitamin D Deficiency

Apparel has been getting smarter and smarter as performance capabilities increase, and now a new line of apparel is helping consumers enjoy the benefits of natural sun exposure.

Fashion technology company SolTech+ recently debuted SolFit—a multipurpose lifestyle inspired collection that enables consumers to safely enjoy the sun and boost their vitamin D levels during cold weather months.

According to SolTech+, more than 80 percent of Americans suffer from vitamin D deficiency, and unlike conventional treatments, the SolFit collection claims to provide a safe way for consumers to get the sun exposure they need, without risking skin cancer or other internal problems.

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Jackets and pants that are part of the collection are created with patented UVTR technology, which provides the garments with a treated, protected layer that allows beneficial rays to permeate through and deflects harmful rays. A lightweight design and durable texture make the apparel suitable to wear in various environments, like wind, rain and near freezing temperatures. SolTech+ said wearing the garments a few days a week for 15 to 45 minutes at a time, could help significantly increase vitamin D levels.

SolTech+ is also planning to expand its original garment colors (pink and white), by adding accented color options on apparel components, like jackets and zippers. Exclusive gold and platinum versions of the collection will be available for a limited time to SolTechT’s Kickstarter backers, then they will be released to the general public in the coming months. Additionally, SolFit+ plans on bringing its collection to international retailers and launching a U.S. pop-up shop tour soon.

The collection, which is available for men and women on SolTech+’s website, retails from $70 to $170 and features high-tech clothing for various outdoor activities.