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Tommy Hilfiger’s Virtual Reality Changes Shopping Experience

Tommy Hilfiger

If you asked business mogul Tommy Hilfiger what is the key to a successful fashion brand, he might tell you that it is most important “to make things real.”

At his Tommy Hilfiger store in New York City on Oct. 20, Hilfiger took his own advice when he launched a “virtual reality shopping experience” that puts shoppers front row at the Fall 2015 Hilfiger Collection runway show.

The store uses Samsung GearVR headsets that provide viewers with a 360 degree view of the American football-themed runway, making them feel up close and personal with the models and, more importantly for Hilfiger, the clothes.

“From the incredible set and music to exclusive backstage moments, consumers will be able to watch the clothes move and see the collection in the original show environment,” Hilfiger said.

This technology is similar to that created at Stanford University’s Virtual Human Interaction Lab, where the football team utilizes the headsets to train its players. The groundbreaking trend is still new, but businesses across the nation are jumping on the bandwagon because of its ability to attract and entertain shoppers.

When consumers take off the headset in the Fifth Avenue store, they are immediately faced with the 2015 Hilfiger Collection; only this time it’s really in front of them. In this sense, the technology works as a form of in-store advertising, immersing the shopper in a virtual experience with the product, and inviting them to imagine a reality with the clothes.

The virtual reality experience has already made a splash in fashion news, and Tommy Hilfiger looks forward to utilizing the technology in other locations worldwide.