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Tukatech’s Latest Software Can Help Quarantining Fashion Designers

Fashion designers just got another tool to make working from home that much easier.

On Thursday, Tukatech announced the release of what it calls the apparel industry’s first virtual digitizing system for home plotting and printing.

All stuck-at-home designers need is a CAD system, a monitor, a printer and a TUKAcad subscription, according to the fashion technology company.

“Since the start of Tukatech in 1995, my focus has and remains to simplify the product development process,” Tukatech founder and CEO Ram Sareen said in a statement. “The virtual digitizer and home plotting features not only simplify the process but put less strain on those strapped with cash and do not have a digitizer or a plotter in their current budget.

“This is an affordable and quality option for home businesses to help run their business,” he added.

Tukatech offers a subscription to this service for as low as $19.99 a month, while the professional edition for small businesses and freelancers is available for $199.99 per month.

Previously, designers wishing to plot and print patterns at home would need a “clunky station” replete with unwieldy digitizing and plotting equipment, Tukatech said.

With its Virtual Digitizer, users can digitize a pattern on any flat screen—instead of a digitizing board—and then use the program to bring it to life through printing. The feature is found in the company’s TUKAdesign pattern making and grading system and can also digitize scans or photos of patterns imported into the platform.

The printing tool breaks down the pattern pieces into a grid of standard-sized pages, the company said. It then generates a layout guide to show where the pages should be joined and cut out with scissors.

This is Tukatech’s latest move to bring its tools to a larger, more independent market. In January, it released TUKA APM, a fully automatic pattern-making and grading software module within TUKAcad.

Users of any skill level can complete a graded pattern using the software in a matter of seconds, the company said.