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Van Heusen Launches Adaptive Magnetic Clothing Solution for Retailers

Van Heusen is combining adaptive magnetic technology and style to upgrade retailers’ merchandise.

PVH Corp., owner of the Van Heusen brand, this week debuted men’s dress shirts designed with MagnaClick adaptive technology that replaces traditional buttons. The new shirts will be sold by select retailers in-store and online this fall, including Amazon, Belk, J.C. Penney and Kohl’s. Van Heusen’s dress shirt will be the first adaptive garment sold at these major retailers.

“I am overjoyed to know that our technology will provide an adaptive solution for so many people thanks to our partnership with PVH for Van Heusen dress shirts,” MagnaReady CEO Maura Horton said. “This is truly a major milestone for retailers to carry adaptive clothing at national chains and help this underserved market.”

Stress-free technology provided by MagnaReady ensures the dress shirt’s secure closure. Powerful magnets hidden inside the front pocket and cuffs are connected together to keep the dress shirt closed without straining the wearer’s body. Decorative buttons replace functioning buttons on the dress shirt as well, to provide an authentic professional appearance. The shirt is also designed with barrel cuffs, is wrinkle free and stain resistant.

“We are extremely proud to launch the Van Heusen dress shirt featuring MagnaClick technology,” said David Sirkin, president of the dress furnishings group at PVH. “We believe this is a game-changing product that offers a stylish, high quality solution for consumers with limited dexterity or those seeking an alternative to buttons.”