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These Companies Just Set a World Record in Robotic Fulfillment

At MODEX in Atlanta, a team lead by RightHand Robotics accurately picked and placed a world record of 131,072 items over the course of the four-day supply-chain event serving North and South America. It’s the world record for the most items picked at a trade show, according to RightHand.

“We wanted to set a benchmark for piece-picking performance, and the show was a fantastic opportunity for it. We are grateful to our partners: Eurosort, Vecna Robotics, White Systems, and Universal Robots for helping us establish this record,” Yaro Tenzer, co-founder of RightHand Robotics, said. “Our robots handle a wide range of everyday items at high throughput rates, delivering the reliability required by our customers, and sharing the final results from our MODEX fleet is a fun way to illustrate this point.”

Four RightHand deployment engineers set up workcells in five exhibitor booths to demonstrate the advantages of robotic picking for e-commerce fulfillment and logistics businesses. The workcells featured robots from Universal Robots, plus sortation systems, automated storage and retrieval systems and mobile robots. Tenzer said robotic fulfillment offers “predictable capacity,” compared with the production rates achieved without automation.

At times, the team’s RightPick systems demonstrated pick rates of up to 1,000 items per hour when configured to certain workflows, even with pieces never previously encountered.

RightPick leverages machine learning on the backend to handle tens of thousands of different items in addition to an intelligent gripper that works with industry-leading robotic arms.

Companies with seasonal businesses and thus fluctuating demand have found that robotic fulfillment provides an efficient and cost-conscious solution to ramping operations up and down as needed. Hollar, the online dollar store, is deploying robots in its fulfillment warehouse to manage a rapidly growing business and maintain a stable human-labor pool.