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Zamasport Wants to Speed-Up Time to Market

Italian manufacturer Zamasport, which produces 20-plus collections per year for premium brands, is shifting to a high-tech solution to help it respond to requests for higher-volume orders without suffering any delivery delays or slips in its standards.

A Lectra customer for more than 20 years, the luxury apparel maker recently announced plans to implement the French software provider’s Fashion PLM (product lifecycle management) program into its product and collection development process, calling the software its “first choice” for the job.

“We are a very dynamic company and our top priority right now is to gain momentum and flexibility in order to fulfill our clients’ demands,” Amedeo Cioffi, general manager of Zamasport, said. “Simulating product development cost estimates in advance will save us a huge amount of time. To do so, we need a comprehensive system where accurate information from different divisions can be aggregated and shared.”

Essentially, PLM is a collaboration platform that keeps everyone involved in the design-to-production process—from concept and design to production and merchandising to sales and distribution—connected and updated in one place in real time, no matter their location.

The latest iteration of Lectra’s Fashion PLM software, launched a year ago, focuses heavily on collection planning and calendar management. Specifically, Zamasport teams will be able to communicate and share accurate information in real time. This will help to hasten the decision-making process and, in turn, fabric waste, overlapping tasks and errors will be avoided.

Fabio Canali, managing director of Lectra Italy, said Fashion PLM will also safeguard Zamasport’s competitiveness and profitability by improving cost control, as well as increase operational efficiency without affecting the quality of the company’s service and products.

“Our priority is to get speed and flexibility to better meet our customers’ requests,” Cioffi continued, noting that the software will be introduced at the same time across all of the company’s collections and brands. “Both the internal reaction of our staff and the external reaction of our sub-contractors and customers were positive. In the fashion world, there is awareness about the need to have more and more co-operation and uniform instruments…and PLM drives us right in this direction.”