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Zeekit Updates Virtual Fitting Room App Features

What if consumers could virtually try on clothes and purchase them on their smartphones?

Zeekit is making this a reality with new features in its virtual fitting room app. The augmented reality company is updating the app with new capabilities, including a personalized fitting process and a new search algorithm.

Zeekit in Hebrew is chameleon,” Zeekit CEO and co-founder Yael Vizel said. “Just like a chameleon changes its look, we need to change the way we look in order to survive and succeed.”

In September, Vizel, along with co-founders Nir Appleboim and Alon Kristal, debuted the Zeekit app, offering consumers the option of a digital fitting room, ultimately avoiding in-store trips and fostering a more accurate e-commerce experience.

Consumers can take a picture of themselves in the app and virtually try-on anything, from a celebrity’s brunch style in a magazine to a shirt listed on Amazon. Using an accurate technology that involves rendering 3-D maps over 2-D images, Vizel designed Zeekit to be an accurate tool for body measurements to ultimately avoid unsatisfying fits and returns. Additionally, consumers may mix and match looks and save them to a virtual closet for further reference.

The update provides people with a customized fitting experience. Questions on the app will ask the customer their height, style preferences and favorite fashion icon. Using the app’s detailed search algorithm, consumers can refine their looks with different categories and filters.

Another existing feature on the app is the ability to try-on and buy instantly. Consumers can save preferred items from their virtual fitting room experience and choose to buy them directly online from the retailer. Zeekit also offers special buttons for retailers now, too, so consumers can find pieces they like on their digital platforms and try them on in the app.

In the future, Zeekit hopes to take its buttons from online to in-store locations, window displays and outdoor advertisements so that consumers may be able to virtually try on apparel when they visit a brick-and-mortar location, window shop or walk by a large fashion billboard.

The updated app is expected to launch in December 2016.