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Livestream Shopping Shakes Up One of Streetwear’s Top Trade Shows

Global lifestyle and streetwear fashion trade show brand Agenda Show is bringing shoppable livestreaming to both its in-person B2B conferences and B2C festivals. Agenda has teamed with DroppTV to provide retail buyers and consumers with immersive brand experiences at its upcoming events in Las Vegas on Aug. 11-12 and Atlantic City, N.J., on Aug. 19-21.

Livestreaming continues to grow in the U.S., with Coresight Research estimating the market will reach $25 billion by 2023. But with that in mind, many of its applications are in trial mode, giving companies the opportunity to flex their creative muscles on what they want out of their livestreaming capabilities.

While livestreaming sessions and panels at trade shows has been a key tactic to foster engagement in recent years, selling products through livestreaming platforms is a newer strategy, giving the Agenda and DroppTV teams a chance to stand out as in-person events continue to return in 2021.

At the shows, the companies will introduce an e-commerce platform to accompany the in-person events and enable shopping directly within any multimedia streaming content.

Additionally, they will offer a virtual and augmented reality feature that can extend the reach of Agenda’s live events, providing new on-site experiences and expanding access to brands that are not able to be physically present. Augmented reality experiences will be included at both the Las Vegas and Atlantic City event, the companies said in a statement.

The trade show operator says that “first-of-its-kind” activations will occur on the Agenda floor in an effort to bring life culture, lifestyles and fashion experiences together. New artists and brand collaborations will be showcased at both events and new music videos will be released across the platform.

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The music videos play a big part in DroppTV’s overall strategy—the first phase of the company’s public rollout last year was dedicated to the medium. In particular, artists can create virtual popup shops in their music videos so they can sell their own merchandise, limited-edition and luxury streetwear apparel.

Agenda is the first trade show partnership for DroppTV, which was designed so that shoppers could watch videos and buy what they see in real time with the click of a button.

The platform itself is powered by the company’s proprietary artificial intelligence, machine learning and computer vision algorithm, which recognizes products in video content and tags them in real time, giving products creators a means to earn money from their content.

While the platform enables artists to reach their respective communities and build hype through limited-supply “dropps,” the same can apply for exhibitors at Agenda’s shows that want to showcase new products or experiences. By integrating with the Dropp platform, Agenda offers a way for exhibiting brands to collaborate with music talent and influencers as part of the experiences.

The collaboration fits with Agenda’s brand, which prides itself on connecting creators with retailers and “getting concepts to the closet,” its website says. With the growth of streetwear from a niche lifestyle to a mainstream audience, Agenda could leverage livestream shopping to create an authentic viewer experience that brings the category back to basics.

Agenda Las Vegas is held twice a year in February and August and is a closed trade show for retailers and brands only, but Agenda will offer a limited number of tickets for streetwear enthusiasts in its community. Agenda Festival Atlantic City will be an event for both retailers and the general public.