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Texworld USA is Teaming Up for a New Dimension

Texworld USA is heading in a new direction—and dimension.

The Winter 2020 edition of the trade show, held Jan. 19-21, 2020, at the Jacob Javits Convention Center in New York, is receiving a new artistic direction, thanks to the influential Doneger Group agency. The New York-based agency will spearhead the Texworld Showcase—titled The New Dimension—offering trend insights on the newest colors and textile offerings for Spring/Summer 2021.

The Doneger Group is a perfect fit, boasting an unparalleled scope of expertise in design, trend development, and representation of all segments in the apparel market,” Jennifer Bacon, show director, fashion and apparel, Messe Frankfurt Inc., said. “Maintaining a longstanding history leading projects with other Messe Frankfurt events, we are thrilled to partner with this agency of nearly six decades of experience in the retail industry.”

The showcase intends to purposefully rethink the definition of fashion, Kai Chow, creative director at Doneger Group, said. “In lieu of seasonal changeability, The New Dimension speaks to a timelessness, an investment in quality and simplicity that trumps the old rules,” he added.

Chow added that the industry is witnessing two dynamics take hold in a now-global marketplace: the modernization of classics and an appreciation of treasured artisanal elements. “Here, fashion meets sustainability and durability, traditional complements high tech and form marries function,” he said, “with long-lasting styles taking on season-less and multi-purpose qualities.”

The New Dimension will highlight fabrics that move beyond performance and control, defined by the latest advances in technology. They are not simply for performance, Chow said, “but a new ideology from new fiber to a melding of tradition with high tech, in creating new, untried textiles that meet the needs of the modern consumer.”

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Four themes are featured within the showcase—concentrating on mood, color, directional fabrics and design—each represented in an experiential and immersive way. “We want our attendees to get the full experience of each theme, which will live and be presented in its own ‘cube’ that encompasses height, weight, length, plus time—The New Dimension,” said Bacon.

The four themes include:

Fundamental: An awareness of sustainability through social consciousness underscores the relevance of investment classics and quality basic items.

Diaphanous: Technology is the driving force in textiles, lending clothing performance properties regardless of their end use, in original, lightweights and radiant glows.

Alteration: The hybridization of opposing or complementary forces from both the cultural and material realm creates diversity in product and purpose.

One World: The recognition of a wide range of cultural heritages expressed via unique techniques, graphic patterns and indigenous color representations.

The themes were determined by various dichotomies, Chow explained: past and present, new and old, analog and tech, and craft and manmade. “This tension is the basis for the ideas within the four themes. The consumer is increasingly demanding sustainability, and is actively pursuing a responsible reaction in everyday choices,” he noted. “People are seeking individuality in fashion, expressed in unique craftsmanship, yet the reliance on basic staples is the foundation of Spring 2021.”

Texworld USA attendees can expect to see this growing consciousness of sustainability playing out in the form of altered purchase decisions, with the trends underscoring fashion’s changing landscape—from reliance on trendy designs, to ideas that incorporate basic human needs. “This awareness, or modern consciousness, is driving purchasing decisions into a completely different arena,” Chow said.

“Fashion is driven by comfort and appreciation of craft as an expression of individuality,” he added. “This ultimately affects the choice of color and textile, and places them in new, unchartered territory.”

Both new and returning exhibitors will be highlighted in The New Dimension, including Akkayalar Tekstil Dokuma San VE Tic. Ltd. Stl. from Turkey, SWF International Limited from Hong Kong, Everest Textile Co., Ltd from Taiwan, Larma Tex from Turkey, and Shiniltex from Korea.

“We aim to stay at the forefront of the industry, not just with upcoming patterns and textile color trends, but also with forward-thinking industry trends,” Bacon said. “Thus, we’re placing a focus on innovation this edition, and we’re thrilled to offer a brand-new curated feature, the Innovation Spotlight. With this segment, we’re highlighting cutting-edge companies like Jeanologia, brrrº, Hemp Black and Natural Fiber Welding in the special curated exhibition.”

It’s Chow’s hope that The New Dimension and Texworld USA will redirect the fashion mentality into an area of responsibility and change preconceived notions about fashion necessities.

“Hopefully, we can create a dialogue about the excesses in the industry, assist in changing attitudes about consumption and excess, and create a new passage to a new dimension,” he said.

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