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Colombia to Emphasize Nearshoring Capabilities in Upcoming Event

To commemorate the fifth anniversary of the United States Colombia free trade agreement, Colombia wants to remind the sourcing community of all the benefits that trade relationships bring.

And at a time when nearshoring has become necessary in many cases, the country is in a prime position to cater to the uptick in demand for it.

On May 15 and 16 in New York City, Procolombia will bring together top Colombian suppliers to showcase the country’s capabilities.

“Colombia has an industry that offers added value in the complete chain from supplies to customer service. The main competitive factor in sourcing is the flexible production, adjusting needs to customers’ requirements,” Procolombia president Felipe Jaramillo said. “Minimum amounts can be adjusted to the needs of the client depending on the policies of each company, quick response to replenishment orders. Colombia can produce orders from 500 or 5,000 units to meet specific needs, with high standards of commitment and quality, and no higher costs.”

Vendors at the upcoming event will showcase product in the performance wear, athletic wear, denim, uniforms, intimates, swimwear and formal wear categories, among others. These vendors make product for top brands like Nike, Under Armour, Adidas, and for retailers like Nordstrom and Macy’s.

According to Jaramillo, there will be new developments in fabrics and performance techniques for both knits and wovens, printing and facilities for all techniques in labeling, denim experts that are innovating in the space, and non denim and woven bottoms on display.

“Colombia responds as a supply chain solution to the needs of the market,” Jaramillo said. “It gives solutions with efficiencies, replenishment and quick response as well as notion of design. Having a whole supply chain of products within a week of lead time and two to five weeks of production deliveries is changing the way of responding to the U.S. consumer.”

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A breakfast panel with top thought leaders, including Sourcing Journal founder and publisher Edward Hertzman, Alvanon president Ed Gribbin and sourcing consultant Margaret Bishop, will review Colombia’s current most attractive opportunities, followed by one-to-one meetings with Colombian mills and vendors.

“Colombia has a strategic location with access to the Atlantic Ocean and Pacific Ocean, so it’s an opportunity to carry products to both coasts of the United States,” Jaramillo said, adding “The manufacturing opportunities for retailers sourcing in Colombia are focusing on categories such as athletic wear and performance wear with state of the art plants and technology in fabric manufacturing.”

The fifth anniversary showroom event will take place at the Procolombia NY office at 140 East 57th Street, second floor. To schedule appointments with vendors contact