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Experts Speculate on TPP: What Will Happen in 2016?

News surrounding the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) has always been either hush hush, limited or above all, speculative. So in keeping with that trend, Sourcing Journal interviewed six experts to get their predictions for what will happen with TPP in 2016.

Though only time will tell.

Nicole Bivens Collinson, president of international trade and government relations for trade law firm Sandler, Travis and Rosenberg 

“The current target date for signing is Feb. 4 in New Zealand. It is possible this will happen but January may see a lot of discussions and issues raised by Congress that if not addressed in a timely manner will be problematic and may prevent the U.S. from signing by Feb 4.

The USITC report won’t be ready until mid-May and Congress will not consider any bill that the president might send forward before they see that report. Thus, the earliest a vote by Congress would be end of June, possibly early July. Congress is out from July 18 to Sept. 6 and both chambers are only in session for September before adjourning again until Nov. 14 (after the elections), so chances to address the bill later in the year are extremely limited.

It is possible the bill will be a “lame duck” vote, after the elections. The president may hold off sending the implementing legislation until after the elections pending reactions if/when it is signed.

My prediction is it is “possible” it could be brought to a vote by early July, but it is starting to look more likely that it will have to wait until after the elections.”

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