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Jesta’s Trade Management Portal Streamlines Supply Chain Collaboration

Managing geographically dispersed vendors is one of the modern supply chain’s biggest hassles. In response, Jesta I.S., a provider of software solutions for brand manufacturers, retailers and wholesalers, debuted a platform to streamline trade activities in a centralized, easily accessible location.

Users of Jesta’s Vision Sourcing & Demand as well as Vision Merchandising software will note that they integrate with new Trade Management Portal (TMP), eliminating error-prone manual data entry. TMP is designed to be a central repository where supply chain stakeholders track in-progress orders and shipments flowing in from global suppliers.

“Through our ongoing work with brands around the world, we quickly identified the need for a procurement and collaboration platform that would give global supply chain partners unparalleled agility, visibility and control over orders and shipments,” said Arvind Gupta, newly elevated to Jesta’s president after serving as COO.

The TMP dashboard shows users only the information and tasks appropriate for their particular role, offering richer data to those in headquarters while limiting what lower-level workers might see. Instead of sending myriad emails back and forth, supply chain collaborators can use TMP to communicate quickly and review a log of all comments and questions, displayed chronologically. Jesta said users can also swap documents securely, and dashboard notifications alert users when orders are late, cancelled, new or ready for shipment.

“We’re excited about the launch of Jesta’s Trade Management Portal, which accomplishes this goal via a single, cloud-based, shared platform while streamlining and optimizing the movement of goods and enabling real-time communication among all stakeholders in the supply chain,” Gupta said.

Jesta joins mainstays like GT Nexus, Amber Road and Bamboo Rose­­­­ that help fashion companies manage their trade activities.