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UBM, Eurovet Americas Co-Locate CurveNV With Project Womens

Photo: Courtesy of UBM

Lingerie, swimwear and contemporary ready-to wear apparel will finally come together at one of the industry’s largest trade shows this year.

UBM announced Tuesday that it will partner up with Eurovet Americas at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas on Aug. 15-17 to showcase CurveNY with Project Womens. Both companies have been working together to consolidate swimwear, lingerie and ready-to-wear categories into the same location since last year.

UBM and Eurovet Americas decided it was time for CurveNV’s leading lingerie and swimwear brands to share space with Project Womens’ contemporary ready-to-wear brands.

Intimates, swimwear and ready-to-wear clothing markets aren’t so separated anymore. Stores today are mixing all three categories in their inventory to provide customers with a one-stop-shop lifestyle experience.

CurveNV’s new location will provide a seamless shopping experience to international and West Coast retailers who visit the event. Brands and retailers will have the opportunity to fortify industry relationships and discover new trends in a cost-effective place.

Chris DeMoulin, managing director of fashion for UBM, spoke about how CurveNV will benefit greatly from its partnership with Project Womens at future events: “This is really the best possible location CurveNV could dream of in Vegas. We are very happy to go a step further into bringing the lingerie and Swimwear categories together and keep developing business synergies between our shows.”