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Video: Minimizing Risk In A Time Of Trade Uncertainty

The trade war between the U.S. and China, which has seen extra tariffs on a variety of consumer goods, has revealed the vulnerability of the apparel supply chain. For even the most agile companies, moving production would be a major disruption—one that would likely come with many unforeseen issues.

And according to Wayne Buchen, vice president of strategic sales for Applied DNA, some of these problems will originate at the raw materials stage.

“The fact of the matter is today being nimble and quicker and faster, if you don’t start early enough in the process to know where all of your raw materials are—no matter how fast you try to maneuver—you’re still going to have risk in your supply chain,” Buchen said.

Watch the video to hear why Buchen says the issues we’re facing with trade will never end and how brands and retailers can better insulate themselves from the fallout.