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Claims are just that, claims, when not backed up by science-backed data. And in today’s age where companies and even consumers are scrutinizing every bit of sustainability information put forth, no one wants to get caught making statements that ring false.

It’s for that exact reason that renowned denim mill Crescent Bahuman is creating an in-depth Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) for its newly launched Blue Infinity process. This indigo-free, low-impact solution for producing numerous denim shades might sound too good to be true, so the company is going to great lengths to substantiate its method.

“Even though it’s complex and expensive, we consider that an LCA is a valid tool to evaluate the overall impact of producing an article,” said Zaki Saleemi, vice president of strategy for the Pakistan-based Crescent Bahuman, in a fireside chat with Sourcing Journal’s branded content manager Lauren Parker. “Most important, if the precondition such as the scope definition and resource allocation are well defined, then the LCA actually helps us create a scale. This also gives us a point of reference for eventual improvements on a concept in development.”

Blue Infinity’s no indigo process means less dye and less waste, and the LCA backs up the company’s numbers. For example, Blue Infinity provides 62 percent water savings in the denim fabric manufacturing process compared to conventional indigo dyeing, as well as greenhouse gas savings of approximately 43 percent. Salt concentrations in final effluents are drastically reduced, while water flows for washing and rinsing are reduced to less than 3kg of running warp. In addition, all chemicals used are GOTS 6.0 approved.

But Blue Infinity’s quality isn’t just comparable to traditional indigo, it surpasses it, according to the firm.

“Blue Infinity gives designers and developers huge room to explore unlimited new shades and wash downs, while at the same time, indigo blues can be mimicked,” said Saleemi. “It goes beyond and achieves brighter and saturated, darker colors as rigids with inherent potential to wash down to new, vibrant tones. That’s a concept engineered to reach flexibility, which indigo might not necessarily give us at this stage. Blue Infinity is beyond indigo and beyond imagination.”

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