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Companies are escalating their sustainability commitments with ambitious targets for preferred materials, carbon footprint reduction and social responsibility. But without visibility into the supply chain, verifying the success of these goals becomes a struggle, and brands leave themselves open to accusations of greenwashing.

A Sourcing Journal webinar on Jan. 26, sponsored by Lenzing, delved into the benefits of traceability technology as a means to gain more insight into what is actually happening beyond tier one. By following raw materials’ journey from origin to end consumer, startup TextileGenesis’ platform enables companies to see exactly which facilities were involved in the making of a garment. Not only does this authenticate that the raw materials are indeed what they claim to be and sustainable, but it can also provide more reliable data on aspects such as carbon emissions and open up the opportunity for more audits and information about worker welfare.

Wood-based fiber maker Lenzing and fashion brand ArmedAngels are among the early adopters to leverage TextileGenesis’ solution within their own supply chains. For Lenzing, the platform enables it to provide verification to customers that they are truly getting Tencel, Refibra or EcoVero fibers rather than a generic lyocell, modal or viscose. Meanwhile, labels like ArmedAngels are able to confidently share validated material content and sourcing information with their customers, giving them a competitive advantage as consumers increasingly care about what’s in their textiles.

Watch this webinar to learn more about:

  • Why Lenzing and ArmedAngels have adopted TextileGenesis
  • How TextileGenesis’ technology works
  • The takeaways from the platform’s pilot programs
  • How Lenzing is educating its supply chain partners on the benefits of traceability
  • Why supply chain visibility is key to unlocking circularity
  • Whether traceability in fashion is reaching a tipping point


  • Florian Heubrandner, VP Global Business Management Textiles, Lenzing
  • Amit Gautam, CEO/Founder, TextileGenesis
  • Lavinia Muth, Corporate Responsibility, ArmedAngels
  • Caletha Crawford, Publisher, Sourcing Journal (moderator)