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Nothing is more fashion-defining and brand-enhancing than color, but conventional fabric dyeing processes have historically contributed to water scarcity and pollution. Now, innovative dyeing developments in cotton are helping to bring more sustainable fashion to life. Ralph Lauren, the iconic global lifestyle brand, and Dow, a materials science leader, have partnered to launch an open-source manual that details an improved dyeing process, which significantly reduces the amount of water, chemicals, and energy required to dye cotton.
     This less resource-intensive process is powered by Dow’s ECOFAST™ Pure Sustainable Textile Treatment and can be used with existing dyeing equipment. Ralph Lauren, the first brand to use ECOFAST™ Pure, worked with Dow to optimize and implement the technology in its cotton dyeing operations as part of its new Color on Demand platform. By open-sourcing the manual, Ralph Lauren and Dow hope to encourage other brands and mills to adopt this more sustainable and effective process – ultimately transforming how the fashion industry dyes cotton and creating positive environmental impact.

Watch the webinar to learn:
• Why the cotton dyeing process is an opportunity for sustainability advancements
• How ECOFAST™ Pure works and the benefits of this technology
• The significant impact savings and how it can help brands meet sustainability targets
• Learnings and findings throughout the development process
• How to work collaboratively across sectors to scale more sustainable processes and encourage industry-wide change

Jason Berns, Head of Product & Manufacturing Innovation, Ralph Lauren Corporation
Christian Allemang, Technical Service & Development Leader, Dow
Jasmin Malik Chua, Sourcing and Labor Editor, Sourcing Journal (moderator)